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About Us

This website originated in August of 2003 and was developed for the sole purpose of providing owners of Tiffin products a "Haven" on the world wide web. Today, with a membership of over 15,000, I would have to say we were successful.
We are not associated with any company or group. We are a self sustaining user's group with the sole purpose of providing information and fellowship through RV'ing.

Future Goals
Our intent is now and has always been one of inclusion. We will continue to welcome those with other brands of motor homes and RV's to our group. We have built what we consider to be the most informative RV users group on the net. We are not supported or associated in any way by/with Tiffin Motor Homes or the Allegro Club so our growth depends on our members!!

Our Forum
Our forum now has over 500,000 posts in over 60,000 topics! While not huge by some standards, it is an ongoing collection of comments and suggestions for all RV owners. This is the only portion of our website that requires membership but it's free and easy to join. Simply register, login as soon as you get your confirmation email and you are set to enjoy all of the information available on the forum! Ready?? Register Here!!

Information and Suggestions
For instant messaging, I suggest ICQ. It's one of the oldest internet messengers and I think the best. A common link to all members is nice! You can open ICQ with our website and chat away with someone on line at the same time.

We are the very proud owners of the RV Tech Library!!
Our RV Tech Library was developed by three of our members. It is the finest library of information found anywhere on the net! We operate our own server so we have placed the library on its own website for ALL RV'ers, not just those owning a Tiffin product!!!

Camground Reviews
Our Campground Reviews site offers reviews of campgrounds and RV parks. The reviews on the RVcampreviews website are all created by fellow motorhome owners so you'll get honest reviews by RV owners familiar with navigating big rigs in campgrounds. Reviews include user ratings, details, comments, map locations and GPS information.

Classified Ads
Our Classified Ads site gives our members a location to place classified ads for the various RV related items they want to sell or buy. There is no charge for placing these ads but they are limited to members selling personal items that are RV related. No dealer or commercial ads are allowed. It's just another free service for our members.

Photo Gallery
Our Photo Gallery site provides our members with a place to post their favorite photos of their RV or any modifications or upgrades that they have done as well as great scenery or pet photos that they want to post.

We exist strictly off donations from our members. There are no "dues" or "subscription" fees associated with anything on our website. All donations are voluntary. You will not find any "pop-ups" or advertisements of any kind on our website. Also, there is no "spy-ware" of any kind on our website.

Contact Us
Have questions or comments? Feel free to drop us a note! Current Members - Please add your "Username" or "Screen Name" to the email.

PO Box 285
Madison, NH 03849

Absolutely No Affiliation exists between this group and Tiffin Motor Homes Inc. or Allegro Club. This website neither endorses or discourages the use or purchase of a Tiffin product. All references, suggestions, comments, etc. contained herein are the opinions/experiences of the posters and not those of Tiffin Motor Homes Inc, Allegro Club or the website administrators.

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