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Forum Rules and Terms Reminder

Posted: September 27th, 2017, 1:54 pm
by Cruzer
Following is a brief reminder of our rules and terms for posting in the forum:

The Tiffin RV Network is an RV forum. Whether you own a Tiffin RV or not it is still an RV forum therefore the subject matter is centered around RVs. The rules specifically state that obscenity, references to sex, race, religion, politics, etc. are not tolerated. These are the rules that we all agreed upon when registering for this forum. We are a family oriented forum and the moderators will deal with any infractions as they seem fit. The moderators have a difficult task, especially as controversial topics evolve. Moderators do make mistakes but they strive their best to maintain respectful discussions on the forum, especially with certain "hot button" topics that tend to go the wrong way. Please keep the social discussions to social networking sites rather than on this RV forum.

The complete rules can be accessed on the TRVN home page via the left sidebar menu under the New Member Registration menu choice or by clicking on the "Choose a link..." box at the top-right corner of every forum page and selecting the "Forum Access Rules and Terms" link. In addition, these rules are spelled out in the "Hello and Welcome" forum under the Welcome - How to Register topic.