We are here: Current location of TRVN Members

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You can also view the entire map of all members in Google Earth (if you have it installed)

Note the following:

  1. This map uses the We are here information from the UCP Profile page.

  2. If you have not supplied (latitude,longitude) coordinates on the UCP Profile page or if the information is in an unrecognized format, you won't appear on this map.

  3. Hover over each icon to see the corresponding TRVN username.

  4. Click an icon to show more information about that person (similar to the TRVN profile information).

  5. The (latitude,longitude) for Allegro Campground (Red Bay, AL) sites is the same for all members who have selected a camp site in the campground. Therefore, you will see only ONE icon on the map (making it look like there's only one person at the campground). There doesn't seem to be an easy way of asking Google Maps to handle that case of exactly overlapping clustered icons. So I have created a single icon for the Allegro Campground. If you click it, you'll see a list of people who are at the campground. Click the link and you'll see the individual icons.

    There are also several alternate solutions:

    1. Look at the Allegro Campground map to see who is at the campground

    2. Google Earth cluster expansion Click the link below the map to view this map in Google Earth. Zoom in on Red Bay, and you will see an icon representing a group (cluster) of points. Click on that icon, and the cluster of points will expand in a star-like distribution of individual icons (see picture on the right), allowing you to select a single member from the cluster.

    3. If you know who you are looking for, choose a member's name from the droplist at the top of the page. The map will zoom to that location and pop up the information bubble.

How is this map used?

When you enter a (lat,long) in the "We are here (lat,long)" field on your UCP Profile page, you will automatically appear on this map. A link to this map will be placed under your avatar in all of your postings. The link will bring you to this map, and it will be already zoomed in on your location, with your icon bubble already opened up. The link is made by specifying parameter ?u=id where 'id' is your numeric user id on the TRVN forum. For example: jag&bev.

If your name includes the & character, use + instead. For example, use 'jag+bev' instead of 'jag&bev'. If you encounter any other characters in usernames that prevent this from working, please let us know so we can implement a workaround.

How can I use this map?

You can show your friends where you are by emailing them a link to this page, using your TRVN username. For example, http://tiffinrvnetwork.com/forum/trvn_wearehere.php?u=jag+bev

You can also add a link (as above) to your blog. Note that the link will never change. It will always show your current location. It's up to you to keep the (lat,long) coordinates (in UCP Profile page) up to date.

Note that this map is outside of the normal login procedure on TRVN. You do not have to login to view this page. This allows your friends to see the map without being a member of TRVN.

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This page is not wrapped in TRVN styles or menu items in order to make it as useful as possible (i.e. put the map up at the top where it's easy to use). Relevant links to parts of the TRVN Web site are provided here:

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